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New Design with Zipper Prestige Solution Dyed 25ft-26ft 7.6m-7.9m Semi-custom Trailerable 600D Jumbo T-Top Boat Cover

$609.95 $509.95
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Product Description

This Kaiser Boating Prestige Jumbo Boat Cover is made from Solution Dyed 8.1 oz/600d/ 600 denier marine grade polyester fabric.

600d is an indirect measurement of density and weight. The higher the number, the heavier, thicker, and heavier duty. This is the thickest cover you will find. You will see a lot of 300d, even 150d covers, which are proportionally half as thick and 1/4 as thick as our covers.

With solution dyed fibric, the color is added to the liquid polymer before it is extruded into yarn. Therefore, it is inherent in the fiber and there is no dye or water waste. Because the color is impregnated throughout the fibric, these materials have excellent UV resistance to color fade. Solution dyed fibric also has excellent abrasion, superior color consistency, superior crocking results, vibrant colors and superior everyday cleanability.

The fabric we use is coated twice with polyurethane on the bottom or downside, UV protected, and mildew protected. What this all adds up to is the best cover available.


New Design with Zipper on two sides



The material of this cover is heavy duty enough to support any reasonably paced trailering. This particular unit is "Styled to fit" boat with T-Top or Rocket Launcher up to 1500mm height from gunwale that is between 25 and 26 ft long, with a maximum beam of 104" (2.64m). This is not a disposable type cover. It is made for years and years of use.



How to Measure Length for Boat

1. Measure the length using a straight measurement from bow to stern (including bow rail).
2. Measure the beam width across the widest point of the boat using a straight measurement.

This cover comes with 5 year Warranty against Colour fading. The warranty does not cover normal wear, weather soiling, stains from environmental pollution and/or standing water, cuts from sharp objects, neglect, accident or misuse.


  • Waterproof and Breathable Fabric
  • 8.1oz 600 Denier 100% Polyester Resists UV and Mildew
  • Tailored profile cut to accommodate cabin.
  • Fits boat with T-Top or Rocket Launcher up to 1500mm height from gunwale.
  • Double Stitched Interlock seams with "Rot-proof" thread
  • Protect fittings such as seats, trim, electronics, windscreens and other exterior and interior accessories
  • Trailerable
  • Quick Release buckles with adjustable heavy-duty straps
  • Free storage bag include
  • Size: 25' - 26' (7.6m - 7.9m) length, 104" (2.64m) Beam Width


Brand: Kaiser Boating
Size: 25-26ft (7.6-7.9m) with 104" (2.64m) Beam
Model: 25-26' Jumbo Boat Cover
Colour: Black
Fabric: Solution Dyed 8.1oz 600D Oxford
Fits: Boat with T-Top or Rocket Launcher up to 1500mm height from gunwale
Warranty: 60 month
Trailerable: Yes
Waterproof: Yes

 What's included?

  • 25-26' Jumbo Boat Cover
  • Straps
  • Storage Bag

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