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Riese Prestige Aluminum 10-12ft Campervan Camper Trailer Van Cover

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Product Description

This Riese camper trailer cover is made from 3 Layers 190gsm Aluminum + PE + Soft Cotton Lining heavy duty fabric which has been designed and manufactured to protect your valuable investment from Australia’s harsh climatic conditions.

Don't waste your money buying the cheap caravan covers which can't stand the harsh Australian weather and easily deteriorate or rip under the sun.

Aluminum surface acts as a sunscreen for your car which reflects up to 90% of UV rays and the patent 3D printed design provides a good insulation to heat and keep the temperature low in  the van under the sun. This 100% waterproof cover also protects your van from rain, hail, bird drops, falling leaves, trees & dust etc. It's easy to clean and durable.

This cover comes with 18 month Warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear, weather soiling, stains from environmental pollution and/or standing water, cuts from sharp objects, neglect, accident or misuse.

Please read this before buying a Caravan cover

It is important to understand that each cover has a limited lifespan which depends on the type of fabric used.

Most caravan covers selling on Ebay are made of Polypropylene however this environmental friendly material is liable to chain degradation from exposure to heat and UV radiation such as that present in sunlight. Therefore UV-absorbing additives must be used. However, it will only prolong the lifespan up to a certain limit.

The Estimated lifespan of a 4 layer non-woven polypropylene cover is about 6 months depends on weather conditions including high UV conditions, high humidity, high rainfall, cyclones etc and how you use the cover e.g. do you leave it on the vehicle exposed to the sun all the time?

Don't be fooled by sellers who "over estimate" the lifespan of their covers and offer unrealistic longer period warranty. Make sure "UV damage" is covered by their warranty as this is a common issue with Polypropylene covers.

The cover covers the entire van offering maximum defense from the elements with added UV protection. The breathable material has maximum breath ability so moisture can escape helping to eliminate mold and mildew. Easy to fit, other great features include an elastic hem with reinforced base and nylon securing straps.

This waterproof caravan cover will guard against:

  • Rain oxidisation
  • Sun Fade
  • Airborne Grit
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree sap stains
  • Smog damage


  • 3 Layers 190gsm Aluminum + PE + Soft Cotton Lining heavy duty fabric
  • Waterproof, UV stable and breathable material for maximum protection
  • Protects against harsh climate condition
  • Elasticated Hem
  • Straps and buckles
  • Tough interlocking seams
  • Free Storage Bag


Brand: Riese RV
Size: 365cm (Length) x 220cm (Width) x 120cm (Height)
Fits Body Type: 10 - 12' Campervan
Fabric: 3 Layers 190gsm Aluminum + PE + Soft Cotton Lining
Warranty: 18 month
Breathable: Yes
Waterproof: Yes

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